Home Reviews is Redaut.cc reliable, legit or scam? Buying on the Redaut.cc site is safe or not. my opinions and Trustpilot reviews: Everything you need to know

is Redaut.cc reliable, legit or scam? Buying on the Redaut.cc site is safe or not. my opinions and Trustpilot reviews: Everything you need to know

by Abbey

Over the past few weeks, I have received several requests from Soccergist.net readers seeking assistance in shopping on the Redaut.cc website. These users were drawn to the portal’s appealing and convenient prices, but they were also keen to determine the site’s safety and reliability. As always, in response to these requests, I endeavored to gather more information about Redaut.cc. After conducting thorough research, I am now prepared to help all interested parties ascertain whether purchasing from this portal is secure or not.



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Beware of emails from email@officecustomer.com: SCAM

The site link

This is currently the link to the home of the site we are analyzing:

https://www.redaut.cc /

What does Redaut.cc sell?

The website offers a variety of clothing products at significantly low prices. The prices provided by the portal are extremely competitive, undoubtedly lower than what we can find on Amazon and other similar sites. This is precisely why there is a high demand for purchasing from this site, to save money. However, as is often the case, when prices are excessively low, there is a potential risk of being swindled.

Problems reported by users:

Those who have bought on this site report that:

  • the company does not ship the purchased products.
  • it is impossible to contact the company.
  • it is impossible to get a refund.

The comments/reports of those who have been scammed:

Here are some testimonials from other users scammed by this service:

It’s an online ecommerce site that asks for payments by wire transfers and then doesn’t send the goods and doesn’t respond to emails

I bought 2 caps worth €53 never received

The bank details used for the fraud Account owner: Jevgenijs Isajevs IBAN International Bank Account Number: LT23 3250 0762 5047 2314 BIC swift Bank Identification Code: REVOLT21

Reviews : Is it Trustworthy?

As per usual, it is advisable to read online reviews left by prior customers before making a purchase from a website. Trustpilot, known for its dependability and security in evaluating website and business reviews, is the most recommended platform for this purpose. In the case of Redaut.cc, the site has been reviewed negatively on Trustpilot (SEE HERE). Further research conducted online reveals user comments (SEE HERE) regarding Redaut.cc that declare it to be a fraudulent site. All in all, based on my findings on the internet, the site does not appear to be legit, reliable or safe at the moment.


Clearly I can’t know if these comments are true or false, but they are the only ones I’ve found on the net.

What payments does Redaut.cc accept?

Another method to determine the safety of a website involves examining the payment options available, which should include PayPal. However, in the case of this particular site, PayPal is not accepted, and payment is required upfront through a bank transfer.

Contacts and Customer Support

Another aspect to consider before buying on a website is the ease of contacting customer service.

  • There is NO online chat .
  • There is NO return form.
  • There is NO phone number .
  • There is an email address to use to get in touch with the company: info@redaut.cc
  • On the social side, there are NO links to Facebook or Instagram pages.

Who we are and where we are based

Another important thing to do before buying on an unknown website is to check where the site is located (preferably in Italy of course).

In this case I found this address:

Registration number, date 40203142222, 09.05.2018 VAT number LV40203142222


Considering the results of this analysis, I do not believe that this website is a trustworthy source. Personally, I would avoid making purchases from this portal, but this is solely based on my personal opinion, which stems from the research and analysis I conducted on the internet. Naturally, I am open to updating and amending my article if any favorable reviews, comments, or opinions regarding this website surface. Regrettably, as of now, none have come to my attention.

Should the company wish to communicate with me directly to clarify the matter and dispel any doubts or concerns, I would be delighted to revise my article to provide reassurance to those who have already shopped on the site, as well as those who intend to do so.

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