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9 List of Best Donation Widget to use for your Website

by Abbey


More list of Donation widgets will be added soon has they become available. In this post you will find the list of available widgets and their official website which will give you further instructions on how to install them. Most of them will work on blogger, wordpress, forums and others. Test them out, experiment with them until you find the one that work best for your Site.

When can donation widgets work?

For the list of widgets below to work, you will have to follow the instructions from the original developers. It will also depend on your website platform e.g some will only work on WordPress while some will work on both blogger and WordPress website platforms. The official website link for each of the listed widget will contain specific instructions, installations, and features of each listed widget, make sure you visit them.

List of Donation Widgets

1. Easy Bitcoin Donation Widget For wordpress

This Free plugin is simply an easy way to display a bitcoin donation QR code in a widget on your site. With this plugin you can: Set donation amount in bitcoin, Set widget title, Set message above QR code, Make QR clickable and Add clickable link below QR. You can check out the official page below to download and more information.
Visit Official Website

2. Paypal donation button widget

This is one of the fastest and easy way to start accepting donation and fundraising online. It is easy to setup and requires no coding or programming skills. And your website visitors don’t need a PayPal account in other to contribute to your cause. It works perfectly with blogger, WordPress, and forum sites. This button is intended for fundraising. If you are not raising money for a cause, please choose another option. Nonprofits must verify their status to withdraw donations they receive. Users that are not verified nonprofits must demonstrate how their donations will be.
You can get started today by visiting the official paypal website below:
Official Link

3. The free DIYFundraising Widget

The Diy fundraising widget is free and you can place it on your website or blog, to raise awareness for your cause. Place the Online Fundraising Donation Widget on your website. State your goals and needs. The widget tracks and updates your totals in real-time. Displays the last five donors. Go viral with your fundraising. Ask your supporters to copy and paste the widget on their websites or blogs. FREE from:
Check it out

4. Mycelium Gear

Mycelium Gear is an open-source little widget that you can put on your website to make accepting Bitcoin easy, organized, private, and totally free. Gear provides ultimate business solutions for small and large businesses that want to take advantage of Bitcoin and the blockchain. Start accepting Bitcoin payments in less than 5 minutes by visiting the main website below and creating your customize widget
Check it out

5. Give- wordpress donation plugin 

Give Plugin for WordPress Makes Taking Donations Quite Simple and Painless. You can begin today by installing the plugin, and it really is as simple as installing just about any other WordPress plugin. Once it is installed you go through the process of setting up a donation form and tweaking it a bit. You can display the form on a specific page or post or simply use the widget that is provided to display a simple button to click to display a modal for the donation form. You can get around to doing a few test payments just to demonstrate how it works. Not only does Give have a nice front end functionality but it also provides, a bunch of easy to understand metrics to help you understand your donations.
If you need additional functionality or gateways you’ll definitely want to head over to the plugins website (link below) and look at the extensions that are offered for this plugin.
– Give Plugin website – https://wordpress.org/plugins/give/
– GiveWP.com – https://givewp.com/
– Plugin created by – https://wordimpress.com/
Overall the plugin is pretty simple to understand and use; it’s definitely a good choice for anyone (churches, charities, clubs, etc) who needs to simply and easily take donations on their WordPress site.

6. Razoo donation Widget 

With Razoo you can receive donation without donors navigating off your website, blog, or Medium post. Advertise your fundraiser from your own web page, and let your supporters donate in one easy process with a Razoo donation widget. Showcase your Razoo fundraiser on your own website, or blogging sites like Medium, with iFrame codes or the embed URL code.
Check it out

7. Donate box by justgiving

Donate Box is a social plugin for your website that makes it easy for people to donate and share their donation with their friends.
You can have it up and running in just a few minutes and people can start giving using our fast, mobile-friendly donation-flow. All on your very own website.
Do you have any examples of charities using Donate Box?
Official Link

8. Donorbox fundraising widget
   Attract more recurring donors and get a fast, optimized donation payment system in minutes. You will get a Best in Class Pricing that fits your budget. Donorbox is free if you get less than $1,000 in donations for a month. If you reach $1,000 for a month, we charge a small platform transaction fee of 0.89% for the month’s donations. Other donation softwares charge 2-5% or more. Donorbox invoices & charges your billing card at the beginning of the next month if any fees are incurred during the month.
Embeddable Donation Form or Button
Embed a donation widget directly on your website or create a dedicated donation page with your own branding.
Optimized for desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.
Compatible with all CMS systems including WordPress, Weebly, and Squarespace.
*New* popup donation form.
And so much more…..
Visit the official website today to get started
9. CAF donation widget
   The Charities Aid Foundation widget will allow you to  embed a donation page onto your own website, blog or Facebook page. It is available to any charity, and can be used to raise funds through the charity’s website too. The widget, a short piece of code, can be customised to present the charity’s brand and campaign messages and can be used for both regular and one-off donations. Placing on a website is just a matter of copying and pasting the HTML code. You can get started and sign up for free by going to the official website below:


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