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easyTithe online Giving Solution and Donation Software Review

by Abbey

   What type of ministry do you have?
easyTithe is an online Giving and online donation software that keeps it simple and helps churches grow through online giving & better communication. It gives people the choice of bringing bring their tithe’s and offerings to a church worship service, or occasionally mail in their donation. easyTithe provides an opportunities for greatly increasing and stabilizing your church’s tithing, in a way in which the the church can provide an amazing convenience to its congregation, benefit from the consistency of automated recurring donations,works directly with your church’s existing website.

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Unfortunately, at this time our services are only available to churches and non-profits that reside in the United States. Our services only work with organizations within the United States that use US banks!

 How does it work?

  EasyTithe is very easy to set-up, and it provides a great mobile platform for our givers making it quick and convenient to give and support the church mission. Simply by clicking a link on your website, a user can login to the Easy Tithe module and submit an online donation, set up a recurring donation, and review their giving history.

   Funds are processed and delivered to the church’s designated bank account.Donations Collections is easy with your customized giving page for members and visitors to access through your website or anywhere you share the link. Donors can also create an account from the giving page and set up recurring giving with selected fund, frequency and amount.


  • Many powerful reporting tools
  • access to real-time data and activity trends
  • multiple custom giving campaigns in just seconds
  • Multiple ways to give
  • Online Giving
  • Mobile App
  • Text Giving
  • Giving Kiosk
  • Accepting & Tracking Donations
  • 24 hour setup time.
  • Funds will be deposited into account in 2-3 business days
  • Secure and branded donor interface help to build donors trust.
  • And money more……….

Company Details:

Name: easyTithe
Website: www.easytithe.com/
Year Founded:  2004
Country: United States

Product Software Details:

Starting Price: From $0.00/month
Free Version:   Yes Available
Demo: Yes Available
Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, Web
Mobile: Yes Available for Android and iOS
Training and Tutorials: Yes Documentation and Webinars
Support: Yes available online and Phone
Phone: 1-888-778-4843

About Mobile donations and Mobile Giving App:

   With the easyTithe Giving App, you Create the ultimate giving experience. In a few short steps, your donors can download a mobile giving app that will save their information and allow them to manage their one-time or recurring donations in seconds. Pick any price plan and start accepting mobile donations.

   Mobile donations have never been easier than with the powerful and easy mobile app from easyTithe. With the iOS or Android App, donors can manage their online giving directly from their phone. Members can update payment methods, select specific funds and manage the frequency at which they choose to give.

Mobile app features list:

  • Donors can give on their iOS or Android Device.
  • App Saves payment information so donating on-the-go can be done in a matter of seconds.
  • Review giving history easily from the overview
  • All the capabilities of donating online made even easier with a local mobile app.

Download easyTithe app For iOS[Download ##mobile##]

Download easyTithe app For Android
[Download ##android##]

Recurring and One-Time Donations:

   Providing donors the power to easily manage giving benefits your ministry as much as the ability to give online. With the mobile app, donors can create recurring donations in seconds. Inspire spontaneous generosity on-site by connecting with your donors and prompting a one-time gift for a specific fund or goal.

Promotion Support:

   In your Resources section, you will find an abundance of resources to help you and your donors promote and use the mobile giving app. You will have access to posters, support, how-to documents for members, bulletin inserts and social media graphics to help share the message about your mobile giving app with your donors.

Plans & Pricing:

Flexible pricing plans to best fit your church.

The pricing starts from $0, $29 $49 and for higher volume High Volume
$25k/month or more you will need to contact them. With easyTithe there is No:

  • No contracts 
  • No batch Fees
  • No Reporting Fees
  • No IRS Registration Fees
  • No Statement Fees
  • No Customer services Fees

All your donation will be puts back into your church bank account.

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About easyTithe Plus:

   easyTithe Plus gives you even more greater control of your ministry. Creating a personal interaction with every member in a digital world requires help. easyTithe PLUS is the easy-to-use, powerful and cost-efficient solution you’ll love from the giving partner you trust.


  • Efficiently organize your members and groups on any device
  • Organize and streamline your child check in process
  • Communicate with mass text, email, and voicemail
  • Track your attendance and giving trends
  • Manage your church calendar, tasks, room reservations and resources

Check out official site:
[Official website ##shopping-cart##]

Try easyTithe Plus with a FREE 30 day trial!
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Pros and Cons Of easyTithe 

  • [tab]
    •  Pros

      • What people  like about easyTithe:
        • Great forms
        • easy to use
        • giving friendly
        • customizable
        • online interface is great
        • Mobile App available
    •  Cons

      • What people hate about easyTithe:
        • Customer service is not the best
        • Inconsistent processing
        • Reliability of service
        • slow with refunds.

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