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Importance of Social media connection to your charity Organization.

by Abbey

   Social media—is an Internet based communication outlets that has become a staple of everyday communication for people of all ages, providing organizations, funders, volunteers, staff, and clients a way to connect easily and quickly all over the world.

   Social media is a broad term that describes the various technologies used to connect people with like-minded people across the globe. Facebook is the star on the social media platform stage, with more than 200 million active users  half of whom log on every day. Other social networking sites include MySpace, LinkedIn (which has a more professional look and feel), and various industry- and organization-specific social networking options that service providers can customize for your personal use. Twitter is another new voice in the conversation, offering organizations and individuals a way to provide continuous updates to those who subscribe to their Twitter feeds.

   What can your organization do with social networking technologies to share your passion and build your fan base? Here are just a few ideas :

 Create a Facebook page:

Create a Facebook page to post photos, events, announcements, and more to grow your online constituency in hopes of gaining more volun-teers and potential donors.

Upload and Share video Clips With youtube:

Use YouTube to share video clips, public service announcements, program pieces, and more with a large, public audience.

Share updates with Twitter:

Use Twitter to keep in quick contact and share updates with donors, staff, board members, and the public.

Add a blog to your website:

 Add a blog to your organization’s Web site to talk about issues your organization cares about. For example, an education organization can post links to stories about academic leadership, budget cuts, new education programs, or other opportunities donors care about.
    No matter which social media tool you use, the underlying message is all about connection. Social media enables you to stay in touch with all the people who care about your mission. Like an ongoing conversation, you can use your social networking tools to share fun, interesting, or compelling stories with those who care. This connection helps others see the work you’re doing in the world, and, if your message is successful, they’ll care more about becoming a part of your effort.

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