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How to Apply for ESTA for Italian citizens and other things to know

by Abbey

   Italy, like many other countries, is one of those which can use the ESTA authorization procedure for travel to the USA. For Italians as for many people, the ESTA makes it much easier to travel to the United States. This is an easy procedure, is done online and saves a lot of time during the preparation for the trip: we explain below how to do it and what are the conditions to benefit from it.

What is ESTA?

   The ESTA is a visa-free procedure that was introduced in 2009. It applies to nationals of 39 countries. Italy is part of this list of member countries of the Visa Waiver Program, and therefore Italians are allowed to use this admission procedure on US land.

The visa waiver program actually offers a convenient and much simpler alternative to the traditional visa that must be obtained after multiple appointments at the embassy or consulate. This is the perfect practical solution if you are wondering how to get a visa for the USA from Italy!

If you are planning a sightseeing trip or a business trip to the United States, then it is much easier for you to apply for an ESTA in Italy before leaving. This will give you the opportunity to stay less than 90 days on US soil during the 2 years of the validity period of the ESTA.

What are the admission requirements for ESTA in Italy?

The requirements to make an ESTA for Italian are the same as in other countries and are relatively simple.

You must first have a valid Italian Biometric Passport, and consider traveling on a sightseeing, business, medical or other stopover trip.

The biometric passport is an “electronic” passport that includes a chip that stores all your essential information. If you do not have this type of passport, it is easy to get it in Italy on request in your city of residence.

How to Apply/Request ESTA from Italy?

To apply for ESTA from Italy is very simple and fast. Just fill out an online form that will only take a few minutes.

When you are connected via the internet visit the ESTA registration form website by clicking here, you must first provide information about your identity. Be careful to indicate the same information in the questionnaire as on your passport. Many people forget an additional name or are wrong in the order of the first names. This can lead to confusion or even rejection of your request.

Finally, you have to answer questions about the nature of your trip and security issues. Also, be honest and transparent in your answers. The US security services have ways to cross-check this information and if they detect a questionable answer, you may see your ESTA request denied.

Check the information carefully and once you are sure you have not made a mistake, confirm your request. You will be directed to a page where you can pay the fees by credit card.

You will then have to wait to receive by email, your ESTA validation. Keep it there carefully and do not hesitate to make some impressions. This will save you time checking when you arrive on American country or boarding.

Your ESTA authorization for the USA is valid for 2 years. It allows you to make several trips provided that the length of stay does not exceed 90 days.

Take advantage then to better discover the USA and enjoy your stay there! The country is vast and wonderful to visit. Traveling to the United States from Italy has never been so easy and ESTA for the citizens of Italy is a solution that saves time in the preparations for the trip, at the airport and on your arrival in the USA. In addition, you can do all the steps from home! A very simple way to schedule your trip to the US without worry!

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