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Interview at the US Embassy to get your student visa

by Abbey

Before receiving your student visa, the Embassy of the United States located in Nigeria or Your home country will summon you in the context of a short interview to verify your motivations. But what should you expect from this interview?

An interview with the American Embassy will be short and conceived:

First, it will be short, ten minutes in the majority of cases. Second, you have to go alone, not with your entire family … The US Embassy expects you to answer the questions on your own. The conversation will surely be in English, although it is sometimes in your local dialect/language depending on your country. Thirdly, you will have the right to a series of questions determining if you are a legitimate student who will not pose security risks once there, and you plan to return to France after your studies.

The questions that can be asked:

Why do you want to study in the United States?
Which universities did you apply for and which ones did you accept?
How to count you paying your university fees?
As well as your expenses on the spot?
Where will you live during your studies in the USA?
If you have a family, what will they do there?
What do you plan to do with the diploma you are preparing?

Each interview is different, and these questions are just there to give you a general idea. The biggest evidence that proves that you are a legitimate student and have a career plan corresponding to the degree prepared. If you are preparing a business degree and say you want to do medicine, you are likely to stay in your own country for the next year … To be sure not to say error, give short answers, clear, and without going into the details. If the counselor wants to know more, he will ask you a question. If your visa is refused, you can apply for the following year.

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