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How much does a residence permit US visa cost?

by Abbey

The cost of a residence permit united states Visa can varies, depending on the visa Type and validity period. Do you dream of going to the United States for tourism, business or work for more than 90 days? A document is mandatory in order to set foot on American soil. The ESTA USA does not apply for, to recall it for travel up to 90 days. Depending on the visa type, you will have to take steps with the US authorities, but also pay a fee to obtain the coveted residence permit . Each visa costs a price determined by the administration and you can not derogate.

Obtain a residence permit

To build your visa application, you will need to go to the US embassy or consulate in your country . Before proceeding, check that your passport is valid .
Then, you will need the D-160 print . The latter completes online and you must attach the proof of payment of fees. You will also need 2 ID photos, a chronopost envelope labeled with your name and address. Then you will have to interview the embassy .
For visa applications for employment purposes, you will need to attach other supporting documents that will be requested on a case-by-case basis. These may be diplomas or certification of your qualifications and professional experience.

The price of the residence permit

Depending on the type of visa, the fees are different. Overall, the price of a residence permit varies between $ 150 and $ 405 . More specifically, if you go for tourism, business, studies, transit, journalism or exchange program, it will cost you $ 160 .
For investors and traders, the price increases to $ 270.
But the most expensive is the workers’ visa, which is in the order of $ 405. Be that as it may, the fee schedule is constantly changing upwards or downwards, so it is advisable to ask the embassy directly for the cost of your visa when you are interested.
Different types of visas for different costs
To find out what type of visa you need according to what you want to do in the United States, the easiest way is to read our article devoted to the different types of residence permits .

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