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Types of USA visas according to non-work patterns and Validity Period

by Abbey

   Here are the Types of available US visas according to non-work patterns. US visas are numerous and each have their specificity. To go to the USA on a business or pleasure trip of more than 90 days, you must obtain a type B visa whose validity can be 1, 3 and 10 years and which allows you to stay maximum 6 months of in the United States.

You plan to go to the United States to continue your studies or for a tourist stay of more than 90 days. At this point, you need to get a VISA. This is where things get complicated. There is different type of residence permit whose validity depends on many factors such as the reason for your arrival on US soil or your country of origin.

According to the USA embassy official website, the VISA type J1 is issued for 18 months at most for people wishing to do a professional internship in the US or 12 months renewable once for au pairs.

VISA type F is intended for non-immigrant students wishing to pursue their studies at an American university.

Finally, the VISA type C is granted to people who have not been able to obtain a temporary residence permit and who need to transit through the USA.

Work-related visas

Depending on your skills and the position you are looking for, the residence forms are not the same. Thus, the H1B visa concerns highly qualified people, recruited by a US employer on a very specific job. It is valid for 3 years renewable once.

The type L visa only applies to Japan, Germany, and India for periods of 3 months to 5 years. Finally, VISA type E is renewed every 2 years and is granted to people who came to work in the United States in order to invest in it.

There is a VISA type O and P granted to people with out-of-the-ordinary qualities. More simply, these authorizations are intended for celebrities and artistic celebrities.

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